The Beatles A Celebration

Giuliano’s first, most lauded, and iconic work read by the author. Featuring unpublished interviews with the Beatles and their inner circle. Foreword by Bonzo Dog/Monty Python Neil Innes. This was the book that started it all!

Marmalade Skies / 40 Years Of Music & Memorabilia

The author’s memorable second book based on his world class collection of Beatles memorabilia. The insightful text examines the cultural impact of the group, as well as Giuliano’s five decade search in amassing the “perfect” collection.

Revolution A Secret History Of The Beatles

The long awaited, complete biography of the Beatles with exclusive contributions from not only the group themselves, but, those who knew and loved them best. A hard-hitting, brutally honest look at the four complex individuals who made up the world’s greatest rock band.


The Lost Beatles Interviews

The Beatles amazing story in their own words and those of their Inner circle of friends, family and colleagues Afterword by Timothy Leary.


Glass Onion The Beatles In Their Own Words

Impossibly rare interviews on all things beatles with a treasure trove Of unpublished images. Introduction by beatles intimate Alistair Taylor.


Things We Said Today Interviews With The Beatles

The Beatles in an exclusive behind the scenes look at their incredible life & times. Introduction by Harry Nilsson.


A Day In The Life Talking With The Beatles

Never before released interviews with John, Paul, George, Ringo and those who knew them best. Introduction by Victor Spinetti.


Lennon In America

Giuliano’s most controversial and acclaimed work based on the secret lost diaries and unpublished correspondence of John Lennon. This book was so hot when published, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon left America to avoid the storm of publicity generated by the work. The absolute, untold, true inside story of Lennon’s American years.


The Lost Lennon Interviews

A treasury of rare unpublished John Lennon interviews from the beatles private archives! Introduction by Ken Kesey.


John Lennon Man Of Peace 1969

Insightful interviews and commentary from John Lennon on finding real peace in today’s troubled world.


Lennon McCartney / Behind The Myth

The cautionary tale of the 20th centuries most popular composers and their complex brotherly relationship.


Paul McCartney Black Bird

With the help of Wing’s members Denny Laine and Steve Holly, as well as contributions from Paul’s brother Mike, Yoko Ono, original Beatles drummer Pete Best, and countless other inside sources, here is the most thorough and widely respected biography of the enigmatic Beatle. Including an ultra rare audio interview with Denny Laine.


Dark Horse The Inspirational Life & Art Of George Harrison

The first biography of the silent star of the Beatles. Acclaimed by Harrison, this seminal work looks at the spiritual Beatles amazing life from Liverpool, to London, to the banks to the holy river Ganges. Giuliano knew George and spent two years living in Harrison’s hometown of Henley mixing with George’s and his friends in the Thames’s Valley.


The Harrison Chronicles In George’s Words

The spiritual Beatle remembered featuring exclusive contributions from the Beatles, George’s family and friends. Introduction by Billy Preston.


Black Widow Yoko Ono Unauthorized

The international blockbuster bio of the woman who broke up the Beatles and Caged John Lennon’s creativity for three decades.


Screwed The Rolling Stones

Here, at last, is the ultimate Stones’ visual biography and collectors manual. So acclaimed was this work that the band licensed portions of it for inclusion in one of their tour programs. The band Oasis proclaimed it the finest rock book ever on MTV and was a personal favorite of all the Stones. A fifty year celebration of all things Stones!


Paint It Black / The Murder Of Brain Jones

Brian Jones was murdered and this book proves it! The basis of the hit film “Stoned” PIB not only paints an evocative portrait of Brian’s life, but reveals unassailable evidence as to his murder at the hands of Rolling Stone’s chauffeur, Tom Keylock. This is the book that re-opened the investigation into this iconic rock & roll tragedy.


Behind Blue Eyes A Life Of Pete Townshend

In 1976 Giuliano went to work for Townshend in London only to be dismissed for a youthful misdemeanor by Pete. What followed was an odd, decades long relationship between the two men. This is the bombastic story of the head and heart of the Who. Townshend’s brother, Simon, proclaimed the book was, “too close to the bone.”  With rare interviews.


Deserted Cities Of The Heart Eric Clapton & Cream Unauthorized

In the mid 1990s Ginger Baker phoned Giuliano with an invitation to pen the legendary drummer’s autobiography later sold to St. Martin’s Press for six figures. This was to be the ultimate bad boy rock star, tell all confessional, unfortunately, prior to publication, Baker got cold feet and canceled. This left Giuliano free to write the ultimate biography of the world’s first super group and the edgy, often, tempestuous egos upon which it spun. Spending literally months talking to Baker and bassist Bruce as well as family and friends, here is the true story of legendary Cream of the 1960s!


Rod Stewart / Unauthorized

Stewart remains the ultimate gentlemen hippy playboy. An exhaustive biography written with his former lover Dee Harringtoan. Rod himself begrudgingly proclaimed the book, “99% accurate.” There will never be another Rod Stewart and this is the only book ever written about the gravelly voiced superstar.


Dear Boy! The Resurrection Of Vivian Stanshall

Giuliano was a very close friend to Stanshall as well as the other members of the Bonzo Dog Band for decades. This is the authorized biography by Viv’s second wife and daughter with contributions from the eccentric artist’s mother, brother and closest friends. Stanshall was an ingenious one man species whose work resonates to this very day.


Get Back Jo Jo The Backstage Life Of Jo Jo Laine

Jo Jo Laine was not only the world’s most famous rock groupie, (wife of Denny Laine and Paul McCartney insider) but also an artist in her own right. This is her tell-all autobiography written with her intimate friend, & lover, Geoffrey Giuliano. As funny as it is controversial, as insightful as it is heartbreaking, here is Jo’s incredible story in her own words.


Bad Words / Recollections Of A Raconteur

From a brutal childhood and early days as a hippie’s hippie to his rise to the top of the best seller charts as the 1990’s bad boy pop biographer, FBI’s most wanted Hare Krishna, advocate of psychedelic drugs and seasoned Thai expert, here is the sometimes sordid, sometimes sublime story of Giuliano and all the bad words that followed.


After Eden / A Little Boy Lost In The Land Of Smiles

The razor sharp story of the kidnapping of three year old Eden Giuliano in Thailand and the lonely, impossible, nine month search to recover the little boy by his American expat father.


Chocolate Wings

Giuliano’s near life-long journal of prose, poetry and drawings started while still in university in the mid 1970s. A moving collection of the evocative dreams of a young man searching for his life in the shadow of the American Dream which ultimately over took him.


Sitting Bull In A China Shop / Prints & Prose

The author’s second volume of deeply personal prose, and short stories put together during Giuliano’s self imposed thirteen year exile in South East Asia. The mature fruit of the artist’s singular visionary trek through his own unlikely life and times.


Compassionate Cuisine

The ultimate vegetarian cookbook and spiritual guide.