“Geoffrey Giuliano knows more about my life than I do!”
– George Harrison, Winter 1984

“I befriended Geoffrey many years ago. Many people don’t like him but he’s the only one who really writes the truth about the Beatles. He was there. He doesn’t write from a perspective. You either love him or you hate him.”
– Pete Best, Toronto, September 17, 2006

“I’m really behind what Geoffrey’s doing. Although sometimes he’s like a very large polar bear in a very small igloo he’s super-talented, exhaustingly enthusiastic and smart as a whip. More power to him!”
Dr. Timothy Leary

“Geoffrey Giuliano is without doubt the greatest expert on the Bealtes ever! He has been on my show sererval times discussing not only the Fab Four but also just about everybody in rock. A lovely man and a great guest.”
– Joan Rivers, 1992

“Geoffrey Giuliani is one of a very elite group of writers: those who deal well with the magical spears of our times; those whose tools are their own clear vision.”
– Richie Havens, 1989 

“Giuliano is Rock ‘N’ Roll literature.”
– Charles Lennon (John’s Uncle) 

“Geoffrey is significantly larger than life.”
– John Harlow, The London Sunday Times, August 10, 1997 

“If anyone should know what the Beatles – or for that matter, Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker – are really like then Mr. Giuliana should. He’s a pop biographer extraordinaire!”
– Joanna Coles, The Guardian, September 22, 1992 

“Giuliano’s insight into the world of rock is unparalleled among today’s music writers. His books shatter the kaleidoscopic myths of our pop heroes, but instead of scattering the pieces, Giuliano reaches deep inside himself and carefully crafts compelling new literary mosaics. Giuliano is the very soul of rock reporting.”
Michael Dunn, The Tampa Tribune 

“The fab four are still being written about, but one chronicler and expert stands out above the rest: Geoffrey Giuliano. The late Roy Orbison said of Giuliano: ‘he’s that one in a million who can whittle down the dreams of an entire generation into something tangible we can all touch, feel, taste, see and even hear. If you remember, that’s what The Beatles did too, all those years ago.’ and he’s thorough. ‘Geoffrey Giuliano?’ George Harrison said. ‘That guy knows more about my life than I do!’ that may be true. Giuliano has at his command a seemingly inexhaustible trove of facts on the careers and private lives of the boys from Liverpool, which he’ll deliver at machine gun speed to the willing listener. His collection of Beatles memorabilia is large and unique. But Giuliano is more than a raconteur and a pop-rock pack rat. He’s a writer. As in writer. As in historian.”
– John R. Ford, Niagara Falls Gazette, December 15, 1991